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 Application of bearing in railway transportation

Technical and economical solutions are needed for railway operation with low life cycle cost. Therefore, the axle box bearing needs to minimize the maintenance requirements. Axle box bearings must be able to work under fully loaded vehicle and extreme weather conditions.

Some axle box design also uses the bearing saddle form. Typical demand for goods vehicles is to achieve a very long working hours and maintenance intervals.

For example, the European Y25 steering frame, the application of the through hole type box and cylindrical roller bearings or spherical roller bearings. Three large - type bogie truck usually use the tapered roller bearing (TBU) and bearing saddle. Tapered roller bearings (TBU) contain a contact type seal to prevent contamination. In order to realize the requirement of low life cycle cost and maintenance, the bearing and axle box design with cost benefit is required. EOE provides a unique set of products including the axle box, bearing assemblies, engineering service support, and state repair.

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