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 Application of bearing in metallurgical industry

Few industries are able to compare with the harsh working conditions of steel and other metal plants. Temperature and velocity limit. Heavy and continuous impact load. Grinding dust, corrosive chemicals, and high humidity. The integrated use of these conditions to reduce the performance of the device, resulting in unplanned downtime, it is difficult to carry out effective equipment maintenance.

In the metallurgical industry, EOE bearings are mainly used in continuous casting, hot rolling heating furnace before and after and delivery roller etc..

The product application according to the characteristics of the continuous casting machine in high temperature, heavy load and heavy pollution conditions of continuous work developed in a continuous casting machine, mainly used in mold vibration device, fan-shaped section and a cooling section slab conveying roller, the products are widely used in gear box, wind machine, rolling mill, machine and conveying roller etc..

The current steel mills are also facing fierce global competition and environmental review. Profit? To improve productivity, profit margins and the continuing need is greater demand.

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