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 The development of high-end bearing is the most important of domestic equipment manufacturing.

The equipment manufacturing industry is the foundation of a nation's industrial development, is also the core component of manufacturing bearing. It bears the important task of providing production technology and equipment for national economy and national defense construction. To establish a powerful equipment manufacturing industry and realize the localization of high-end equipment is the fundamental guarantee to increase China's comprehensive national strength and realize the modern industrialization.

Due to "Three Basics" (including mechanical components, basic manufacturing process and basic material industry) industry development lag, the high-end equipment manufacturing enterprises in our country have to import related parts from abroad at high cost, which leading to high-end equipment manufacturing cost is greatly increased, compressing the related enterprise's profit space, seriously restricting the development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry in our country. Because of this, recent miit official launch of "mechanical basis, basic manufacturing process and basic materials industry" twelfth five-year "development plan" pointed out that "the current" "sanki "industry in China lags behind the development of the host and be cured in the condition of the industrial chain and mid-range should turn as soon as possible, Improve" sanki "industry overall level and international competitiveness should be urgent".

"mechanical basis, basic manufacturing process and basic materials industry" twelfth five-year "development plan" clearly will be driven by strong radiation, high speed and high precision, large load bearing mechanical foundation as a focus industry in 12th Five-Year "development, in order to improve performance, reliability and life as the main direction, strive to make it at or near the international advanced level. "Planning" also pointed out that under the policy support, by 2015, the bearing industry sales will reach 222 billion CNY, the industry average annual growth rate will be between 12% - 15%, of which the growth of high speed, precision, overload and other high-end bearing growth speed will be faster.

Bearing is an important and key part of the equipment manufacturing industry, which directly decides the performance, quality and reliability of major equipment and host product, known as the "heart" part of the equipment manufacturing. After years of development, Chinese bearing industry has formed a large scale, the national bearing industry 2010 annual output value is about 130 billion CNY, ranked third in the world. Despite the scale of the development of Chinese bearing industry has been very big, but most are concentrated in the low-end. And in the field of high-end bearing manufacturing, compared with the developed countries, there is still a considerable gap.

Based on the fact that our country’s high-end bearing behind, "planning" clearly point out that, will give full play to the guiding role of industrial policy, improve industry admittance threshold, containing low level repeated construction; Give "sanki" industry, including bearing industry, fiscal and taxation support policy, Implement the key parts and raw materials import duty-free policy; Study and formulate encouraging users to use "sanki" policy of new products and new technology. Along with the increase of policy support, believe that the Chinese bearing industry will usher in the development of the spring, will accelerate the process of localization of high-end bearing, provide a solid foundation for the complete localization of major equipment manufacturing in china.

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