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 EOE speed up the development of new products

EOE BEARING to accelerate technology innovation is one of the important measures to promote enterprise development and improve enterprise core competitiveness. In 2008, EOE bearing R&D center has developed a total of 220 new products, it’s a year of creating a new high number products.

In 2009, in the face of the impact of the international financial crisis, EOE bearing R&D center speed up the development of new products and improvement of the old products, which mainly to do according to the following several aspects work:

1) Strengthen the service,  in the process of research and development, the engineers of research and development center will work together with the engineers of factory, do their best to develop new products.

2) The method of enhancing research and development, in order to improve the efficiency and precision.

3) Extend research and development manufacturing in the field of bearing.

4) Improve the auto bearing technology, research heavy-duty bearings technology, expand the general bearing technology.

5)Improve material, heat treatment and the basic technical principle of lubricating oil.

6)Strengthen the development of high value-added and high technology products.

7)Strengthen the management of new products and new technologies, increase the management of patented inventions and technical standards, promote the competitiveness of the technology and enterprise's influence.

Technological innovation is a key to build brand and improve enterprise core competitiveness. Because of technology innovation, EOE BEARING can still growth in the face of the international financial crisis.

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