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 Quality System

All bearings produced by EOE Bearing are designed and manufactured with materials produced by the most modern methods and quality constraints. EOE utilizes, virtually exclusively, material produced by leading bearing steel producers such as Timken, Ovako & Kobe for both through hardening and case hardening elements. Occasionally steels/materials produced by other vendors are used to suit specific application or environmental demands. We routinely modify and custom manufacture solutions for customers with critical operational needs.

Standard bearings with metric dimensions are produced with boundary dimensions according to ISO15 (radial bearings) ISO104 (thrust bearings). These include ball bearings of any configuration and cylindrical roller bearings. Product tolerances are, in all cases, according to ISO492 (radial bearings) and ISO199 (radial bearings). EOE Bearing produces bearings in precision class PN (standard), P6 and P5 as defined by the ISO standard guidelines. Special/custom bearings that do no abide to the boundary constraints outlined above still abide to the quality constraints impmosed by them.

Imperial (inch) dimension bearings are produced with boundary dimensions and tolerances specified in prevailing standards published by ABMA.

EOE Bearing design criteria utilize the most advanced evaluation tools, specifically with regards to:

Roller Profiles/Element Conformities to prevent edge loading and the resulting stress concentrations that could lead to premature component failure (i.e. optimization of the roller effective length and the roller crown profile is performed using analytical tools);

Surface Textures designed to maximize unit performance (i.e. selection of finishes to maximize the retention of lubricant in the contact zones while minimizing the asperities contact and maximizing the contact area);

Tribological Tools (material selection, coatings, lubricant, surface treatments, etc.) to enhance durability and minimize wear and other unwanted effects (i.e. coating on large units to prevent smearing.

These, coupled with sophisticated analytical tools, allow EOE Bearing to engineer and produce components whose capabilities and performance characteristics are on par with products from the leading bearing companies worldwide.

When coatings are used, the applicable standards are followed. When chrome plating is required, we use only environmentally friendly trivalent chromium instead of the more effective, yet environmentally unfriendly hexavalent chromium.

Our quality process includes traceability for each workorder that goes back more than 15 years so we can trace the material characteristics, the inspection and even who processed the unit at each step of manufacturing. The workorder/trace number is marked on each bearing. The inspection process is performed at each manufacturing step as well as after unit assembly to address specific features of the unit and inspection reports are kept by the quality assurance department but can be supplied with each bearing produced upon request.

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