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 Company History

Company history

1996 EOE company was registered in California, main business is bearing import and export. 

1999 registered "EOE" brand bearings. 

2001 EOE company built the first bearing factory in California. 

2002 EOE company passed the ISO9001 certification and QS9000 certification. 

2004 EOE company built EOE branch factory in the pearl of north China, dalian, mainly produce ball bearings and roller bearings. 

2005 EOE company get the TS 14001:14001 certification. 

2007 EOE company won the German ZF reducer bearing supporting suppliers, mainly supporting mixing transport reducer bearing business. 

2008 EOE company set up the bearing research and development institutions in Los Angeles. 

2009 EOE company investment in R&D and manufacture of oil bearing. 

2010 EOE service for Volvo truck parts supporting, mainly provide truck wheel hub bearing supporting business. 

2011 EOE company success breakthrough railway locomotive bearing hard technical problems, and formally put into producing railway locomotive bearing, obtained OEM orders in the field of railway. 

2012 EOE became America's largest manufacturer of special bearings, dedicated to R&D and manufacture bearing for the special technical requirements in various fields. 

2014 EOE company won the award for the best automobile industry suppliers in the Chinese market, in the same year joint venture of building the new bearing factory, in China ,Zhejiang province, main produce small and medium-sized bearing products in order to achieve complementary with dalian factory products. 

2016 EOE company formally through the agent system in China, better improve the Chinese market users comprehensive service system. 

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