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EOE bearing customer service commitment

Meet the needs of customers is important contentent of enterprise's pre-sale, sale and after-sale service system. The products producted and sold by EOE bearing co., LTD. (short for EOE)  all according to  "product quality tracking system" to the greatest extent to meet the needs of users.

1 Pre-sales service

1) Irregular introduce or inform"EOE" production and the quality to the users.

2) Provide users with bearing technology lectures, including the use and maintenance of the bearing, bearing assembly, bearing products' using features etc. technical issues.

3) EOE service hotline to answer various questions and problems about bearing. Service hotline: +86-411-8551 9998.

2 EOE new customers will be entry into database, so EOE can perform tracking system.

1) New users, within a week of receving goods, EOE sales Dep. will contact customer, inquiy about the arrival of the goods inspection, including product quality whether can meet customer needs, the mode of transportation, packing and other requirements of the clients.

2) Every new development of new products, which requires people's arrival with goods, introduce products to the user and help the users to install, introduce the use method and technical requirements.

3) Key users EOE will quarterly visit once or twice, asking opinions, sloving the problems raised by users.

3 After-sales service

1) Users use EOE products, once quality problem appeared, received a customer complaint EOE was requested to reply within 24 hours, servicer need to arrive within 48 hours to solve the problem.

2) Because of "EOE" product quality problem, EOE promise: return, replace, repair, until customers satified.

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