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 To Be Agents

EOE BEARING USA LLC For better service has opened EOE brand agents, welcome to join us in the BEARING industry.

Conditions to join us in the international market 

1. With a legal business license

2. Looking for high-end brand bearing support

3. Have certain customer groups and sales channels

4. Brand loyalty, industry high reputation

5. Have a good sales team and management experience

6. Have operating high-end brand passion and confidence

7. Experience in operating high-end brands and do not sell fakes

8. Good ideas and consciousness of cooperation, has a long willingness to promote brand

9. Store operators and intend to decorate brand shop is preferred

10. Annual sales  more than 5 million CNY, and high-end brand product sales accounted for no less than 40% of the total sales

11. The first order over 100 000 CNY, and annual order not less than 1 million CNY.

About specific join in cooperation, please contact our international deaprtment:

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